About Ali Seradge

Photography courtesy of Chester Alamo-Costello.

Ali Seradge applies Middle Eastern and Mediterranean myths to what screens show him of the current region. Seradge watched the Iran-Iraq War coverage side by side with fictional versions of war in afternoon children's animations; both narratives place in worlds he only knows through television. He paints to reinvigorate myth with contemporary color and imagery. The results are an old framework with new meanings for a significantly different world.

Seradge paints on designer fabric roughly stretched and folded over found wood.The fake leather upholstery, shower curtains, and air mattresses are the surfaces of the everyday that try to evoke opulence. Mythic imagery painted on the flesh of these proletariat objects stretched over an irregular surface serve as the platform for Seradge's contemporary worldwide mythos.

Seradge is self-represented and takes commissions on a limited basis. Inquire about his availability: